Deadhouse - Illustration - Vector - Zombie

This is part of the Halloween 2014 sticker pack with Stickerapp and Danger Brain

Self Portrait - Illustration - Vector - Pizza

This was a self portrait specifically done to get back to grips with vector after an injury. It was fun.

Horror Portrait - Illustration - Vector - Horror

Count Orlok. Nosferatu. A portrait for fun.

Who? Clothing - Illustration - Vector - Pizza

A piece I did in 2013 that I still enjoy. Bold lines and pizza.

Static Clothing - Illustration - Vector - Beard

A piece for the guys at Static. I was asked to throw my take on trials biking. So, beards.

Beard Reaper - Illustration - Vector - Beard

I did this for myself. Beard Reaper.

Dead World - Illustration - Vector - Wayne's World

This is the third release I've done this week. Inspired by zombies and Wayne's World.

Bluebird Press Stickers - Illustration - Vector - Stickers

Sticker designs and a mascot idea for the guys at Bluebird Press.

Bluebird Press Screen Tee - Illustration - Vector - Bluebird Press - Apparel

I work really closely with Bluebird Press, creating what I can for them, when I can. This is a team tee that ties in with some packaging I did for them.

Work When Others Are Resting - Illustration - Vector - Apparel - Made By Few

I got the chance to work with the awesome guys over at Made By Few. Trying something different with my typography work.

Sticker Assortment - Illustration - Vector - Sticker - Stickerapp

I work with the guys at stickerapp a great deal. These are just personal designs.

AnyForty & T-world x Purdi Petunia - Illustration - Vector

So mid/end of June I won a tee from AnyForty, being so stoked I spent a tad amount of time creating the best way I know how to say thanks :-).